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Creating Intelligence

The ability to grasp the information entering our brain is essential to our existence. It is therefore important to better understand and improve upon our intellect. Artificial intelligence can give us a better understanding of the brain and accelerate scientific research. This is why MeinMein focuses on creating intelligence.

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Creating Intelligence, Consulting

Knowledge on new technologies is important for any successful company or project. MeinMein is highly knowledgeable in the fields of artificial intelligence and cognitive science and is intensively monitoring technological advances and scientific research, which makes MeinMein a eminent source of information in these fields. In case you are interested in consulting services provided by MeinMein, contact us at MeinMein contact

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Current research at MeinMein is aimed at creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine capable of delivering real-time responsiveness on desktop computers. The target is to make the engine easy to integrate into video games.